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4 more days till my Miguel leaves........=(

O.K....I have to say that things are a lot better then they were since last time I wrote in my lj....I was just having a really bad night..and really PMSing...(u girls know how emotional we can get during that time)....but anyways...I have to say that I am quite content right now...and a little anxious at the same time....I took the first part of my math exam today...I studied mad hard..and I pretty much think I mad a 70 or so on it..bc it was only 10 questions and I kno for a fact that I missed 3 right off the bat for stupid mistakes...dont u just hate that? matter how hard I study..I just have the worst test taking skills...I get real bad test sucks ass...but anyways...if I make atleast a 75 on the next part then I will have a I'm not too worried anymore...I'm just real anxious to get it overwith..the suspense is killng me..;)....Tomorrow I have my Ethics exam..and then I'm done with all school!!!!!!!..I'm so happy its almost all overwith..I'm so ready to begin x-mas vacation..except I wish my bf could stay here and not have to fly to Venezuela for 2 1/2 weeks..:(....I'm gonna miss him..we're doin soo well right now...I just hate how I overreact and get soo emotional and stupid when my period comes...I always blow stupid crap out of proportion...I'm glad he puts up with me...he knows how crazy chicks are tho..he lives with 3......hes my baby..he makes me soo happy...I'm soo excited bc on friday hes taking me to the Melting Pot in P'cola for my B-day!...It'll be sooo romantic.. hehe..ima dork..but after being with someone for soo long..and still having those great feelings of excitement..and that warm feeling you get when everything is soo romantic.. is just soo undescribable..=)..but anyways...still not done with x-mas shopping...Mike and I got a lot done yesterday..but I'm still not quite finished...Christmas shopping can be real hectic..but its soo much fun...I love buying gifts for everyone..anyways..this is getting way boring and im wrappin it to all.......
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