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"Just another day without you..."

Okay..only 8 more days till my baby comes home....8's my lucky number..maybe I'll make some good money at work tonight then..or maybe just maybe somethin will be goin on tonight after work that I can get into....doubt it......well well well....nothin bigs been happenin grandpa just came in town yesterday tho...its his first christmas without my granny...I feel soo bad for him...I can tell he's sad...suprisingly since shes been gone hes less grumpier..I guess he feels that thats how she would want him to be...happy....He says that days are not so bad..but the evenings are what really makes things hard...lying in an empty bed....I feel so bad for him...I miss my granny...I'm suprised how strong hes been...I cant imagine losing anyone so close to me..let alone losing someone you love with all your heart and have been married to for a lifetime.....well as frank sinatra says.."thats life"....

well I still have some christmas shopping to do ..if you can believe that...but since Mikes not comin home till the 7th I figured I would wait..maybe hit up some of the after christmas christmas has been way stressful...I didnt work so I basically just pulled money from my account constantly...its gonna be a bitch to replenish..but It's somethin I gotta do..gotta save..ya know? gay..oh well nothin really to say...tomorrows new years eve..and I prob have to work because outback is a bitch...but no long as I dont have to close its all good..its gonna be sad tho if im at a party when the ball drops and everyone who has a significant other gets to kiss and I just stand there by my well...hope everyone has a fun and SAFE new to all
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