Jennifer Ann (jro2284) wrote,
Jennifer Ann

it's been a while...

so I haven't written in this damn thing since--well forever it seems...last christmas break i guess it was.
But, I miss using it...forgot how good it feels to just let my thoughts flow freely on here.

where do i begin?
Life is really good right now.
not EXACTLY perfect...
BUT, nonetheless...there are many reasons why i can be happy right now.

As of yesterday I finally realized that I'm really and truly growing up.
I'm learning so much about myself, & it feels damn good.
I feel like through the years I always THOUGHT i had a grip on myself...
& not that I have serious's just that, being around certain individuals has caused me to kind of put myself and others i care about most on the backburner.
Something I never really thought I'd do.
But, I guess we all change.
life is certainly a rollercoaster ride, i know that much.
I love life though.
I have so much to be happy about.
So many things to feel proud of.

Amongst all these new self revelations though, I can't help but wonder...what next?
I really look forward to my future...for so many reasons.
Don't get me wrong, I'm really enjoying the college life.
I'm so ready to get out there.
Most importantly, I can't wait to be with the person who lights up my life.
Torrey Justin Clark.

What that name means to me.
WHAT it does to me.

I could go on & on about him, but...I'm gonna paraphrase my feelings into a few sentences.
& to put it simply...
He's my rock.
There is no one I've met in my life who has been able to make me feel so alive.
He brings about the best in me...& I think a lot has to do w/ the fact that he really truly knows me, and believes in me...and wants whats best for me.
And i do him.

To all the girls out there--that ponder the idea of really EVER finding that ONE person in their life who is meant for them--aka their "soul mate"...
don't rush it.
That's really the best advice i can say.
Other than the most obvious...
don't settle...
hold your morals and values you've been raised with--what truly makes you YOU= close to your heart.
don't give up on love.
i believe there's someone out there for everyone.
sometimes it takes years to find that special someone.
Don't set "plans" like most UNREALISTIC people do in life.
ya know, those individuals who like to say--ohhh i wanna be married by this age--or in this many years--
just think about those old lyrics "you can't hurry just have to wait"
u really do.
cuz when it finally comes to you...
believe me,
your gonna be glad you did. :]

&& pretty much i'm gonna leave this LJ entry at that.

so yea...
g'night ;]
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