Jennifer Ann (jro2284) wrote,
Jennifer Ann

ehhh... BLAH.

im so ready for this week to be over with.
i feel even more stressed out this week than I was a couple weeks ago when I had 5 tests!
it'll be good to go out tomorrow & have some drinks
&& seein my fam on sat. [when they come visit] will make me feel better too.

i envy this woman i met today.
on my way back from the mall i saw a new vintage place that opened off of Gaines.
my eyes seriously lit up with a quickness.
That's prob one of my fave things to do...
go vintage shopping...&& tally has some GREAT shops.
this woman who owned the shop was so sweet--
she told me that it's been her dream to open a shop
&& she's been collecting for years!
she had awsome stuff.
that would be so fun to travel the world collecting stuff--and then opening your own vintage shop-altho, i think my prob would be selling all that awesome stuff i found thru the years.
i dont know how she parts with some of it.

anyways--i got a really awesome jacket & vest
im excited--i want it to get cold
i love fashion.
too bad i can't sew.
Then I'd make some of my own stuff.
one day :]

welll back to studying for me---wish i could go out- but i know i'll be kickin myself in the morn. if i dont stay in & study...

ohhhhh && i really really hope i get to see my man in 3 weeks! That would be so so grand! :]
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