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Ok...I'm not usually the "follower" type..but a lot of my friends are doin this nifty journal thing..and i'm like..hey WHY NOT?....I got some extra time on my hands here and there..why not jot down some interesting stuff that happens in my life..and let other folks read it?..(boy does that sound lame)...I like to write should be interesting......

Well..lets of today..I'm currently close to being done with all my exams! The weight will soon be lifted frometh my shoulderseth! haha...god im such a so bored..i had a math test today...and my exam will be on tues..but my gay teacher decided to be creative and make it a 2 day we come on tues for the first half and on thurs for the 2nd..whata bia...and hmm what psychology we had a damn party...please! How old are we? People all brought food and just sat, ate and talked..It's really crazy that we are in college and we still continue to do the lame "last day of class" parties....but oh yea..I have to write this paper in Ethics..its a Family Ethics paper..and its totally gonna be easy..but I'm a tad disturbed in what the material has to contain. My teacher wants us to write about when we get older and have children how we will discipline them, and who will be the one to discipline them, the husband or the wife, and who gets the final say in the household..and so on. But what really urks me, is that my teacher wants us to describe the scenario when our husband in the future wants to have "intercourse" with us, and we don't want to!!!!!!! Yea..pretty disturbing..why does he care? I dont feel that that is important, or that I am learning anything from that. I believe its pretty personal..and very rediculous..but I'm not suprised..this is coming from a teacher who assigned a paper the first day that required us to watch porn, or a movie that contained sexual acts, and then write whether or not it "turned us on." That was a total's pretty funny to me that the class is ethics.. and the damn teacher is asking us of something that happens to be (in my eyes) very unethical! I dunno..maybe I'm just too conservative or just a plain lamo...but he really weirds me out..especially because hes not married..hes wayyyyy fat..and has missing teeth..hes gross!...I'm sure he goes home and does the deed with our knows.....
Well enough about my teacher and his "carnal lesson plan." By next Tues. all the stress will be overwith..and I can celebrate! I havent really gone out out in a I'm in dying need of a good time with the just sucks that my bestest friend in the world has a bf shes practically married to...and can't seem to breakaway from for even one night or two!...I hope it will soon stop..I miss her..we barely even talk anymore..I'm happy that shes happy with someone, but at the same time, I dont think shes gonna marry this guy, and I think regardless she should still manage to make time for her friends..atleast her best friend...I dunno..we'll see what happens....I can only hope for the best...
Well thats it for today...hope it wasnt TOO boring...but it was a first...perhaps my life will get intersting real soon and i'll have something fun to write about! Love to ALl!
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