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jro2284's Journal

Jennifer Ann
22 December
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~ *There's a point in life when you realize who really matters, who never did, and who always will* ~
311, abercrombie & fitch, abercrombie kids, affection, always missing someone, american justice, arizona, baking cookies, barbie, being gitty, being lonely, big bear hugs, black & white cats, black & white cookies, bmw, bright eyes, catholic, cecelia de bucourt, cheetahs, chinease food, chocolate, classic vans slip ons, coheed and cambria, concerts, conservative, converse allstars, cute skirts, dancing, dashboard confessional, days of our lives, deathcab for cutie, destin, dispatch, dmb, do-it-yourself fashions, dooney&bourke, down to earth approach, dreaming, driven, e!, edward norton, fall out boy, fashion, feeling of accomplishment, fish faces, followin a dream, food network, frappaccinos, friends, fsu, fuse, goofin off, green, guys, hard working, harp seals, hawthorne heights, hot band boys, hot hot heat, ice cold beer, icee's, interpol, ireland, james from underoath, jem, jem & the holograms, john mayer, josh hartnett, kate bosworth, kinky, laguna beach, linzer tarts, little black dress, long island, louisvuitton, love actually, making purses, marie claire, maroon five, massages, mexican food, mint chocolate chip icecream, modern dance, modest mouse, mondavi chardonnay, motion city soundtrack, mtv, my american heart, my chemical romance, my fam, new found glory, new york city, outback, owc, owcc, parties, passionate kisses, passions, postal service, prep punk, preppy boys, saves the day, scissorsisters, sex & the city, shamrocks, shoes, shopping, skaterboys, sorrelli, sour patch kids, story of the year, sugarcult, surfer boys, surfing, taking back sunday, the beach, the beatles, the bled, the polarexpress, the smell of rain, the starting line, the sunset, trucker hats, ugg, ultimate happiness, underoath, vogue mag, volcom, vw vans, white studded belts, wishing, writing, young&driven