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Woo Hoo!!!!!

OMG I am soo friggen relieved! Today I took my last exam..and it was in math...I didnt study as hard as I should have..but math is just one subject I just can't study for..If I know it..then I know it...If I don't know it, I just can't study enough till I do....but I did my best..and all I can do is pray that I get a B in the class. Other then that my day is extremely boring..I just lounged around ..and now I'm gettin ready to go to work..which is soo lame..but I deal with it...Back Closing is the absolute worst though...and I have to do that tonight =(...I hate cleaning anything in the damn sucks...but hopefully I'll make some I won't be too upset at the end of the night...and I'm not quite done with my x-mas shopping yet so that would be nice...

I'm soo sad bf leaves Sat. for Venezuela. =(....Its soo gonna suck ones gonna be in town Im just gonna be stuck at home..feeling like a loser.....

I'm totally over the thing with Kara now too....well I wouldnt say totally over..I mean I think about her..and I get real pissed off that she promised me should would call me and discuss whats been goin on and she never did...and its been days...and now I just know that theres no use in trying..Ive given her soo many damn chances to prove like she gives a shit..I dunno what her deal is..shes being completely immature..I mean if u dont care about me anymore as a friend..your "best friend"..(which she has no reason not to care..shes just obsessed with her damn bf)...then why the hell do u say u do..and not call?...its such bull shit..and soo friggen Ive just come to realize that I don't need a friend like that anyways..Right?....

OH welll..I'm not gonna let that gay shit ruin my night...or my last couple days with my honey...;)...I can't wait till tomorrow...hes gonna take me out for my b-day cuz hes not gonna be in town for it...I love gettin dressed up all nice and goin much fun!...well thats about it...good luck to everyone who still has exams...and those who dont anymore..hope u did spectacular! =) to all
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