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Well Well Well...its been like forever since I've written in here.....Ive been extremely busy lemme tell you...Ever since my honey got home from Venezuela things have just been too perfect.....we couldnt be doing any better...schools goin fine..classes are not too hard.....I just got over the Flu which was absolutely horendous...(dunno if I spelt that right....but thankfully I didnt miss too much school...I did miss quite a bit of Modern Dance tho..and Im sure my instructor will chew me a new one tomorrow hen I go..but I just couldnt bring myself to dance and excercise so hard when I felt like utter far as work goes I'm now quitting Outback and going full time at Abercrombie..They offered me an M.I.T. position..which is pretty cool because its only offered to individuals who have their B.S.' I feel special...and the district manager says she wants to make me assistant manager by thats pretty damn sweet....i'll be getting salary pay..which is 23 grand a if I work 40 hrs a week we're talkin 800+ $$ in paychecks every two weeks.....pretty cool pretty cool...Im gonna have a lot of responsibility but I'm so ready..Im just sick of the restaurant business..its been my way of life since I was events:..Epitaph tour Feb 25th in tally...Its a must see..because Motion City Soundtrack, Scatter the Ashes, Matchbox Romance, and The matches will be there....very very cool...I just hope my new job allows me to go..they better Ill be soo pissed if they dont......umm what else....??...cant seem to remember what else I was gonna biggy tho...but anyways.....

To some all of this lifes goin pretty well lately...Im pretty happy....just hope mid terms turn out all right..and I hope I get accepted to FSU..and that my new job goes well.....well hope everyone is doing just as good..if not to all!

P.S. oh yea..the restaurant Mike's been workin at is havin a renovation till the end of Feb...and his sister works at the COld Stone Creamery in Destin COmmons..and they offered Mike to be a "KEY HOLDER" which is pretty much an assistant he gets to pretty much run the place by himself.. the pays not that great but he seems to like it..its definitely a break from waking up early and cooking on a line in a hot kitchen...;)
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