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abercrombie slave in the house

whats up home dawgs? A lot of shits been goin on lately..I have plenty to say..but Im not really in the mood for a long update....lemme just say being an abercrombie MIT gives me a profound respect for all of its managers....its redic....I now understand why everything is soo strict..and no wonder the company does so well...I really hope I can help turn the kid store around...and if I get sent to the adult store...then thats ok too..cuz its soo fast pace..and everyone knows what they should be doing...and shit gets done...unlike the kid stand around and fuckin talk all the time...and u have to harp on their I understand how it feels to be pissed at a brand rep...I just hope that all the brand reps will have respect for me cuz they knew me from when I was just a brand rep...atleast I kno hopefully the ones I recruit will listen and like me hehe...

as of everything else in my life..schools still ok...still waitin on fsu to accept a call from Kristen Kennedy...she wants to live with me in Tally...just might take her up on that..known her as long as Ive lived here...never had any may work out..we'll just have to play it by ear....Me and mike are hittin up tally on fri for epitaph soo stoked its gonna be fuckin rad as hell..I wish I could go to the interpol concert with rachel from would be fun..its in orlando tho and its on a sun..and i have school that i jsut cant miss...i kno mike wants to go tho..cuz he wants to see gene too..and genes prolly goin...but...oh fuckin sucks..thats life...just cant wait till i go to fsu and get to go to all the rad shows in tally..cant wait...lucky u rith and judy..yall bitches get to fuckin party AND go to sweet shows.. i hate u love yall...anyways..not a whole lot more to say...well i could talk forever but i have mad homework and need to get shut eye..or else modern dance tomorrow night is gonna kick my ass....well love to all...have a great presidents weekend....OW sucks ass for not havin off....errrrr..PEACE
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ill be in town friday

i wont because it sucks there