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I'm so in love...

So my trip to reno was really bittersweet.
It had it's ups and downs...
but, ultimately it was a good visit.
It really opened my eyes to a lot of things.
I realized a lot about myself AND Torrey && I's relationship.
I love how every visit we have is so [as cheesy as it sounds] life changing.
I cherish every moment I have with him.

Things don't always go the way we want them to on our visits...
yet, they always seem to be spectacular!
The most important thing is that we both realize how much we love one another...
and we are both in this relationship for the right reasons...
and are NEVER going to give up on eachother.

That's gotta be the best feeling ever.
To know with every inch of your mind and soul that the person you are so in love with,
is just as in love w/ you as you are them. ;]
To know that we both realize that all the pain we are enduring,
by NOT being by eachother's side everyday [w/ the 3,000 miles between us],
isn't a catalyst to our amazing relationship.
It gives me such peace of mind.
I love waking up everyday and NOT having any doubts about what Torrey & I have.
What we have is truly amazing.
We are both SO blessed beyond belief.
I don't go through one day reflecting on how far we both have come
&& how lucky I really feel to have him by my side [even tho not physically].
To think that in 6 months I will be done with school && I will finally be starting my life with him...
my lover...
is just a dream come true.
This juice was SO worth the squeeze.
And I won't spend one day in my life taking what we have for granted because of how far we have come.
I know how bad it feels to NOT have him with me when I want him here...
to kiss...
to hug...
to wipe my tears when I'm upset...
to make me laugh uncontrollably
or cheer me up when I'm down...
to rub my feet && tell me how beautiful I am even when I think I look like crap.
Words can't describe how amazing he is
&& words can't describe how much he means to me.

Life is SO good right now.

[But I MISS HIM SO :(]

Just 4-5 more weeks && I get to see ma Puffin again!

night folks!
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